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Aystar Gully With It

Download Mp3: Aystar – Gully With It (Video | Lyrics)

The Hip hop Multi-Award Winning singer, record producer, Aystar comes up with another banger tunes title “Gully With It“ From His recently released album Titled Undeniable the sound is amazing now available to download.

Listen and Download mp3: AystarGully With It

Aystar Gully With It Audio

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Aystar Gully With It mp3

Download mp3 Aystar Gully With It

Aystar Gully With It mp3 download

Aystar Gully With It Video

Aystar Gully With It Lyrics

Look there was no weed around
Had to settle for some stardawg
I didn’t get a q
I got a half oz
I had to link a ting real quick for the bang
But I couldn’t stick around, I had to dart off
LMAO laughing me arse off, what
She don’t know it’s straight back to the grind
Me, just seeing youse moving backwards in time
Got me chillin’, now I’m supposed to give the wap to me slime
He violated and I come around
Blasting the 9
Bang through the whip
And nearly fractured his spine
And now he’s in the station
Having chats with the swine
I swear last week he was a master at crime
Selling pure bits
And had swag on the line
Now these niggas pressing 999
I’m done with these niggas
Look you got niggas’ mums snitching
Telling police every detail about every victim
Bro didn’t leave no trace when he went there and banged off
But that’s how they nicked him
Man tried to shoot me
And that’s why I dipped him
Caught man slippin’ and the shank just slipped in
Caught another one next week and just dipped him
If I had the ting I’d have clipped him
These niggas know me
I get down when I need to
Not for no man
I get round with the .32
And give man a count to 5 and then 4 3 2
You already know what’s next
I ain’t tryna pop legs
I’m tryna pop chests
But I’ll pop necks and heads if the pricks got a vest
I’ll rob man for boxes
I’ll rob man for zeds
And I’ll rob man for cars and I’ll rob man for peds
I’m too gully with it
The .45 I took a fully with it
I said say hello and then dipped with the work
Stuffed the box in me pants and then ran off
All funny with it
I’m like alright so now i can make some money with it
I feel like I’ve got a good aim
But I’m thinking in me brain
Let me smoke a punny with it
Or back it on a opp
And watch his shit go runny with it
So I backed it on a opp
And watched his shit go runny with it
Started emptying the clip
Just to let him know I’m fully with it
Now they know I’m fully with it
But they ain’t fully with it
When the police come around
And they’re first pointing fingers like
Yo Skully did it
I’m with a young G
That will stand up in court
Before he blames me
He’ll tell the judge that his own mum did it
Yeah he’s loyal
But these bitches ain’t loyal
I know of one yout that got set up by a hoe
Shit didn’t go to plan
And now he’s chilling in the soil
And he was loyal
But these bitches ain’t loyal
I know a next yout
That let a bitch take his heart
Used to be a real G
Now he’s billing with the foil

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