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IDK – Back In Blood (Freestyle)

Download Mp3: IDK – Back In Blood (Freestyle) (Video | Lyrics)

IDK Back In Blood (Freestyle) Mp3 Download

The Hip hop Multi-Award Winning singer, record producer, IDK comes up with another banger tunes title “Back In Blood (Freestyle) “ the sound is amazing now available in Video | Lyrics just for you to enjoy and download.

Listen and Download mp3: IDK – Back In Blood (Freestyle)

IDK Back In Blood (Freestyle) Audio

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IDK Back In Blood (Freestyle) mp3

Download mp3 IDK Back In Blood (Freestyle)

IDK Back In Blood (Freestyle) mp3 download

IDK Back In Blood (Freestyle) Video

IDK Back In Blood (Freestyle) Lyrics

“Back In Blood (Freestyle)”


I don’t know nothin’ ’bout nothin’
These niggas be talkin’, they frontin’
They back it up, never that, bitch, I could bring the cold weather back
She give me head ’cause she know I’m ahead of that
Nigga she fuckin’ with, he ain’t got no dough
Know I’m busy so she tryna run it back
I call the touchdown with the running back
Carry the balls like a running-back

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You tryna wife her but we just make fun of that
(Where you at, nigga?) I’m where the money at
That’s where the bitches that’s tryna tuck tummies at
(Where you at, nigga?) Not where the money at
You over there where the pussies and dummies at
I’m over here with them niggas might double back
I’m not a thug but I know me some niggas that
Might go to jail so you niggas don’t want it, man
I bought a crib and a chain in a pandemic
Got an AMG and not a Panamera
Got a twin-turbo in the hood
Like I’m in the trenches next to Tia and Tamera
Drippin’ chlorophyll like I’m sippin’ syrup
Fresh up out the salon, I’ma fuck her hair up
Bitch, you know I’m the truth like I fucked a darer
Bitch, you know we the ones they cannot compare to
I might fly to Paris with WESTSIDE
And bring me a bitch from the west side
I might fly to Hawaii with niggas from southeast
And my bitch outta Bed-Stuy
Baby-baby, no we don’t play
Call up Emma, then bring out the AK
I don’t argue with niggas that saying they hit it first
Bitch, you know that I’m Ray J
Yeah (Woah), bitch, I’m sneaky in the streets (Woah)
So cold I’m making snow (Woah) like I’m Meechy in the streets (Woah)
Can’t stop, won’t stop (Woah), Chrissy [?] in the streets (Woah)
Heard a nigga dropped it down (Woah) like he Fifi in this-, hahaha

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I know a whole lot of nothin’
These niggas be talkin’, they frontin’
I got me some money, I got me a crib
Now all of sudden, I got me new cousins
They pushing buttons
Tryna get out the everyday struggle like Budden
They look for the easiest way so they puttin’
I back up the GT just to stunt on the ones that was frontin’

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