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OMB Peezy – Too Deep For Tears

Download Mp3: OMB Peezy – Teria’s Youngest Baby (Video | Lyrics)

OMB Peezy Teria’s Youngest Baby Mp3 Download

The Hip hop Multi-Award Winning singer, record producer, OMB Peezy comes up with another banger tunes title “Teria’s Youngest Baby “ the sound is from his recent Album Called Too deep For tears, the song is amazing, now available in Video | Lyrics just for you to enjoy and download.

Listen and Download mp3: OMB Peezy – Teria’s Youngest Baby

OMB Peezy Teria’s Youngest Baby Audio

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OMB Peezy Teria’s Youngest Baby mp3

Download mp3 OMB Peezy Teria’s Youngest Baby

OMB Peezy Teria’s Youngest Baby mp3 download

OMB Peezy Teria’s Youngest Baby Video

OMB Peezy Teria’s Youngest Baby Lyrics

“Teria’s Youngest Baby”

(What is black ice?)
Mmm, mmm, mmm, mmm
Mmm, mmm, mmm, mmm
(This shit gon’ crack)

Is you proud of me? I done made it
Been through it but that ain’t phase me
Hustle, got it out the pavement
Bitch, I’m Teria’s youngest baby
Mind sharper than a razor blade
Haters hate, but lately they been hatin’ harder
‘Gainst the hate, I made a way
Fuck ’em, I’ma grind until I get what I deserve
Hopin’ Ion’t deserve to die over that nigga we had to serve, that’s my word
A nigga try, go back to Peezy with no jury (Jury)
Fuck rap, grab the strap, any day to fuckin’ purge
Vision blurred, I wipe my eyes off, I finally got some sight (Sight)
I was blinded by the Lord but now I see niggas ain’t right (Bitch)
Trust fucked up
You can’t sit behind me with no pipe, you ain’t slide then (Uh-uh)
I know you wouldn’t if I lose my life (Forreal)
I don’t care if you my cousin, I’ma get ya
He stole Iceberg’s gun, I chase my cousin’ with that pistol
Tried to blist him, I feel a way, then I’ma get my issue
I was in the seventh grade when a nigga shot my sister
They shot him in Lord’s and my cuzz Clip got hit with her
Havin’ early thoughts of murder, I knew I’d be a killer (Killer)
Havin’ early dreams of Bentleys, I knew I’d be that nigga (That nigga)
But the only way to get it, gotta stay up out the system
The next shit harder than you think, lil’ boys goin’ insane (Insane)
Told the ones been sippin’ paint, ready to bust a nigga brain
Caught a body to up his rank, he head first in the game
But the lil’ nigga he killed, mama at the house cryin’ about the fame
Niggas’ dyin’ to be the man (Man)
Got the whole world in his hand (Hand)
But he covered it up with the Glock (Glock)
I done loved, fell in love with the block (Block)
They ain’t think about no bands (Bands), these niggas tryna fit in
Bitch, we tryna get out (Get out), feel like everybody gettin’ shot

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Is you proud of me? I done made it
Been through it but that ain’t phase me
Hustle, got it out the pavement
Bitch, I’m Teria’s youngest baby
I’m Teria’s youngest baby
Teria’s youngest baby

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