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Rubberband OG – Miss Her

Download Mp3: Rubberband OG – Top Steppa (Video | Lyrics)

Rubberband OG Top Steppa Mp3 Download

The Hip hop Multi-Award Winning singer, record producer, Rubberband OG comes up with another banger tunes title “Top Steppa “ the sound is amazing, now available in Video | Lyrics just for you to enjoy and download.

Listen and Download mp3: Rubberband OG – Top Steppa

Rubberband OG Top Steppa Audio

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Rubberband OG Top Steppa mp3

Download mp3 Rubberband OG Top Steppa

Rubberband OG Top Steppa mp3 download

Rubberband OG Top Steppa Video

Rubberband OG Top Steppa Lyrics

“Top Steppa”

[intro: rubberband og]
(yeah, you know we step on sh+t for real)

[verse 1: rubberband og]
two of my n+ggas just got k!lled, i been moving light (i been moving light)
but f+ck that sh+t, somebody gotta die tonight (f+ck that sh+t)
i don’t know which one of you p+ssies took my cousin life (took my cousin life)
but whoever i think did it, b+tch it’s on sight (brr, bah)
they then gave the wrong n+gga a bag (yeah)
might get a n+gga k!lled just because i woke up mad (yeah)
can’t n0body from they side of town get a pass (bah)
wherever i see ’em, imma crash
put this 40 on your ass (raa, raa)
this true stories i’m rapping ’bout (yeah)
debo been flashing out (takeoff)
the mall, the gas station
wherever i see you, i’m crashing out (takeoff)
i got 20 up on they head (oouuu)
do the job, i’m cashing out (oouuu)
this year is caskets and t+shirts, i’m passing out
i’m too gangsta, i can’t be your role model (role model)
i hang with steppas, you know i’m the top shotta (yeah)

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spend my money with the shooters, pay ’em top dollars (true story)
got the check and bought dracos for all my partnas (true story)
drive by, we walk down (oouuu)
make ’em put some chalk down (oouuu)
raa+raa+raa, that’s how that ar sound (yeah)
y’all better be ready b+tch
get you k!lled for some petty sh+t
you know i can’t let that sh+t slide, that’s on getty b+tch (getty b+tch)
[spoken interlude: rubberband og]
where you gon’ run?
where you gon’ hide? (oouuu)
the motherf+cking city too small
you know we gotta bump heads one day (takeoff, takeoff, takeoff, takeoff)

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[verse 2: rubberband og]
i want all the smoke (smoke)
wherever i see ’em at, imma let that choppa go (raa, raa)
i ain’t never in my life went out like a hoe (never)
y’all lil’ p+ssy boys
y’all just jumped up off the porch (b+tch)
yeah, i want all the smoke (smoke)
wherever i see ’em at, imma let that choppa go (oouuu)
i ain’t never in my life went out like a hoe (oouuu)
y’all lil’ p+ssy boys
y’all just jumped up off the porch (raa, raa, raa, raa, yeah)

[outro: rubberband og]
f+ck ’em n+gga
step on sh+t all 2020
if you ain’t with it, you better get the f+ck out the way
ain’t n0body safe, b+tch

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