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Your Old Droog – Dropout Boogie Ft. MF DOOM

Download Mp3: Your Old Droog – Dropout Boogie Ft. MF DOOM (Video | Lyrics)

Your Old Droog Dropout Boogie Mp3 Download

The Hip-Hop Multi-Award Winning singer, record producer, Your Old Droog Featuring MF DOOM comes up with another banger tunes title “Dropout Boogie “ the sound is amazing now available in Video | Lyrics just for you to enjoy and download.

Listen and Download mp3: Your Old Droog – Dropout Boogie

Your Old Droog Dropout Boogie Ft. MF DOOM Audio

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Your Old Droog Dropout Boogie mp3

Download mp3 Your Old Droog Dropout Boogie

Your Old Droog Dropout Boogie mp3 download


Your Old Droog Dropout Boogie Video


Your Old Droog Dropout Boogie Lyrics

“Dropout Boogie”

(feat. MF DOOM)


[Intro: Sample]
You’re going to school?
Don’t wanna miss that blood
Go on and get that honky education
You might be big someday, president

Fuck school!

[Verse 1: Your Old Droog]
Go to school, go to school
Dropped out when I heard that
Too busy tryna figure out where the birds at
And the broads all styled when I hop in
They tryna throw me in detention, it’s poppin’
Without prosper the like they intended
Piano suspenders, I was getting suspended
Posted up outside in my street clothes
Principal tried to keep me out the hall like Pete Rose
[??] with a six
More bogies and more licks, alcoholics
Yesterday E&J, brought rum out today
Tappin’ bottles like warriors, come out and play
These meddling kids was pedaling migs
We sold high grade like nerds I paid to solve a square root for me
That’s why [??] root for me
But if I went back in time [??] homework
Trying to be somebody in life
Instead of roaming the streets with my mom’s kitchen knife
She didn’t even vibe when I told it
Like ”we bought the whole set from IKEA I know you stole it”
Snuck around real cowardly
Took a metro to go uptown the cops [??]
Never chill downtown on Bowery
Was either my hood, Flatbush, Harlem or the Bronx
Out of my mind, straight lunacy
Avoided truancy and chasing new pussy
And see where that took me
All those years and now I’m paying bookies and playing hookie
Never danced at the prom
I did the dropout boogie

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[Break: Sample]
I don’t wanna listen I don’t believe in this kinda system
And let me tell ya I’m 20 years old
And I know a lot
For my age I know a lot
And the way that I learned it: in the streets
Because the school couldn’t do nothing for me
Stick wit it baby, someday you might be king

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[Verse 2: MF DOOM]
Remain true to the task
Got bad grades still stay doing the math
Prom night pack of bones in the flask
Chaperone maricón let him in with the mask
Envisioning cockin’ the hammer and lettin’ it blast
Excusable with cameras and then getting the pass
And that’s trash
Deserve worse than late night meddlin’
Villain irate still be quite the gentlemen
He off beat, two left hooks, stewed pork beats
And on powdered sugar say ”New York sweet”
Til’ they blindsided high speed on a cross street
Or swipe the metro cars down their face to raw meat
Remember class mates some of ’em bad apes
Hallway jokes to bathroom gag-rapes
Properly defaced ass-bet dice games for mad papes
Windows shatter, just blame the brown jew when the glass breaks
And thank the public school system for providing new landscapes
Deficit in detention, honorable mention for detention
Actions: foul language, words and unreleased tensions
Often probably resulting in suspension
As they say
Another va-cay melee, ayo get teacher up on payday
Or roll the reefer
Say hey, then go get the Le Tigres and the Leeds off layaway
Stepped off then bounced
Couldn’t deal on the day the day
Dropout boogie repeat the steps or pave the way
Yo no se
Shalom, instructor told you stay at home today
His favorite class, got along with the two kids
And still cool up til now, is you stupid?
It’s all about karma it’s regardless who bombed first
More like who stay calm when the drama burst

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